Nut Allergy

In Skelligs Chocolate we do use hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds and walnuts in our chocolates. We do NOT have peanuts but we cannot 100% guarantee that a visitor has not brought some in as we are open to the general public. While the majority of our chocolates are nut free we do have a seasonal coffee shop onsite so there is ALWAYS THE POSSIBILITY OF CROSS CONTAMINATION.

Celiac Disease / Gluten Allergy

All our chocolate truffles and chocolate bars are gluten free. We also have a seasonal cafe (from Easter through to the end of September each year) and as we are open to the public there is the potential for some cross contamination of gluten.

Vegetarian/ Vegan

99% of our products are vegetarian-friendly but very few are vegan-friendly due to the many chocolates that contain dairy in our production.

The only product that directly has a gelatin component is our marshmallow clusters.

We believe our dark and xtra dark chocolates are suitable for vegans as this is the latest information from our suppliers.

If you need any further information please phone us on 066-9479119 or

To view a full list of allergens for every product click – Skelligs Chocolate Allergen Chart this will open a .pdf file as a separate page.

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