What payment options do you accept?

Payment is accepted by MasterCard or Visa and PayPal on our website. Over the phone we can accept payment by credit card.

Where do you ship to during Covid -19?

Skelligs Chocolate is only able to ship to addresses in Ireland until the lock down and restrictions is lifted. If you would like to contact us about shipping email us at info@skelligschocolate.com

Can I track a delivery?

Once your order has been prepared and is shipped we will email you a tracking code. Please note that deliveries in Ireland are about 48 hours but it varies per country - see 'where do you ship to?' for further information.

Where do you ship to?

We ship to Ireland, most of Europe and globally. There can be some restrictions on where we send due to internal political restrictions, seasonal restrictions (too hot to ship) or travel issues. Deliveries to Ireland are usually received within 5 working day, 8 working days for Europe and 10 working days for the US and Canada. If you have a query on shipping times please email us on info@skelligschocolate.com

What is your warm weather warning about?

It can be an issue shipping to certain countries (rarely Ireland, regrettably) during their summer, e.g. Australia around December or Southern USA July or August. We cannot take responsibility for heat damage to chocolates ordered as we have no control over how they are shipped or stored once they leave Ireland. For full information see here - Warm Weather Warning Page 


What happens if my order is not delivered and gets returned to you?

In the unlikely situation a parcel is unable to be delivered and is returned to us we will refund the chocolate element of the total cost. We do not get a refund from the couriers and therefore (regrettably) we are unable to refund this portion.

Can you accommodate special delivery requests?

We try to accommodate all delivery requests but we cannot deliver to PO Boxes, 'leave in the green bin' or ' in the porch' - these are restrictions imposed on us from the couriers.

Are your chocolate gluten free?

All our chocolate truffles and chocolate bars are gluten. But we also have a seasonal cafe (from Easter through to the end of September each year) and as we are open to the public there is the potential for some cross contamination of gluten. Please note our cafe is at the other end of the building to our production area.

Do you make all the chocolate in your factory at St. Finian's Bay?

Yes, we make all the chocolate in our factory. Here's a link to a short video (<2 mins) that gives an overview of what we do - Skelligs Chocolate Video (opens in a new tab).

What options are there for ordering from Skelligs Chocolate?

There are 3 ways to order from us:

  1. Direct online via our website - buy-chocolate-online
  2. By calling us on 066 - 9479119 (from Ireland) or 00 353 66 9479119 (international) from 9.30am through 5.00pm Monday through Friday. Times are GMT.
  3. By emailing us with your order or order enquiry on info@skelligschocolate.com

What if there is an error with my order?

Don’t worry, it happens. But good news! You can easily make changes to your order up to an hour after placing it. Just click the link to your account => My Account (opens in a new tab) and make the changes. If it more than an hour after placing the order please email us on info@skelligschocolate.com Please Note if the order has already shipped we cannot make any changes.

I placed an order but didn't receive an order confirmation. Did you get my order?

The first place you should check is your order history. You can view this by logging in and viewing your account. Within your account you will see the order history option in the left hand navigation menu. You will then see a full list of all orders we have received from you online, complete with order number, total price and date. If you do not see your order here and you have not received a confirmation email please contact our Customer Service team on 066 9479119 (9.30am - 5.00pm GM) or email us on info@skelligschocolate.com  with your name, and order information. Please note on occasions technology does let us down and the system has not issued a confirmation. It can also happen that we have received the order but if an incorrect email address was entered it will send the reply to that one.









  • Thank you for choosing Skelligs Chocolate. We work hard at making the best possible chocolate we can and we do our best to make sure it arrives in the same condition as it left us.

    Here in Ireland, hot weather is rarely an issue, but what is it like where you are sending this chocolate? We have no control over the way it is transported and how long it stays in hot trucks or depots.

    Unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility for the condition of the chocolate you send.

    If you are happy to take responsibility please just tick the box and proceed.

    If you would like to discuss this with us please email us at office@skelligschocolate.com or call us on 00 353 66 9479119 to discuss what we can do for you.


    Tips for Warm Weather Shipping:

    • Please be aware that we use a registered postal delivery service so all packages are tracked and must be signed for on delivery. If there is no one available to sign for the package, please be aware your chocolate will be put back on the truck and stored in the nearest depot for collection.
    • If possible, ship to a business address. Businesses usually receive packages earlier in the morning and someone is always onsite to receive the package. This way your product isn’t exposed to the hot sun all day.
    • After receiving your package, let it rest at room temperature to provide items time to set before opening.



    Thank you for your interest in buying from us

    Please note: All businesses and couriers are under severe pressure and there are delays with completing and shipping out orders. If you need something URGENTLY (within the next 7 days) please don’t order. We need that amount of time to process your order, ensure all information is correct and send it out). Thank you for your understanding and patience.

    (any queries should be emailed to info@skelligschocolate.com)