Privacy Policy & GDPR

At Skelligs Chocolate, our priority is to protect, respect and recognise the importance of your privacy.

In this policy document, we will explain the manner and the reasons why we collect personal details from visitors to our site. It also explains how we use the information, the situations under which the information may be revealed to others and how we ensure its protection.

This Privacy Policy is reviewed every 3 months, so please ensure that you check it out on a regular basis to make sure that you’re happy with any of the edits we have made. This policy is binding to anyone who uses our website.

Any queries about our Privacy Policy should be sent to:

Skelligs Chocolate, The Glen, Ballinskelligs, Co. Kerry, Ireland.

Phone: 066 9479119
International: + 353 66 9479119

About Skelligs Chocolate

Welcome to Skelligs Chocolate, Irelands only open-plan chocolate factory! Located on The Skelligs Ring, named in The Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Regions to visit in 2017. We are located at St. Finian’s Bay overlooking the UNESCO world heritage site, Skellig Michael.

How do we collect personal details?

We use specific actions on our website to collect personal information. We collect details when you get in touch with us about our products and services by using our contact forms, enter a competition, sign up for our newsletter or when you register on our site to purchase products or pay online.

When do we collect information?

We collect only the minimal amount of information at the right time, if you ask us a question we will need you name and a way of contacting you (phone number or email), if you order from us we will need your address or the recipients address.

Skelligs Chocolate Chat Bot and privacy.

We occasionally use a ‘chat bot’ on our website and social media channels to help us deliver a better experience for our visitors. We do not collect any information other than what is needed at that time. If you share an email or phone number with us this may be used for marketing purposes (and every marketing email will have an ‘opt out’ facility in it). With a chat bot we may receive your name and an email address and any other information you decide to share depending on what you need us to do.

What type of information do we collect?

The personal details we are most likely to collect are your name, postal address, shipping address, recipe information, email address, IP address and the pages you interacted with on our website and when you did so.

How do we use your information?

These are the ways we are most likely to use your information:

  • To let you know about any modification to our services or new products
  • To get in contact with you about requested information
  • So we can get in touch when you fill in one our contact forms
  • In order to assist you when you request a reset link for your password
  • To process and ship your orders online
  • To process any payments you make
  • To process any competition entries you may make

Your personal information will be retained in our system for as long as we need it, or as long as you have specified in a contractual agreement. We will not store any payment or credit card details on our website. This is all handled securely via Stripe payments on their secure servers. For newsletters we use Campaign Monitor to store your data when you subscribe to our newsletter on any of our forms. You can view their privacy policy here.

Who is able to gain access to your details?

You can rest assured that under no circumstances will we sell or rent your information out to any third parties, and won’t give out access to your details for marketing or any other purposes.

What are your choices?

We need you to opt-in or give prior consent before we can contact you via email, phone or text for marketing and promotional purposes or before you can submit your details with an order. We are also unable to get into contact with your via post if you have made it clear you don’t want us to. You can also adjust your choices any time you wish by emailing us:

Skelligs Chocolate, The Glen, Ballinskelligs, Co. Kerry, Ireland.

Phone: 066 9479119
International: + 353 66 9479119

The ways you can access and edit your details

It is within your rights to ask Skelligs Chocolate for your own copy of the details we hold on you. You can get hold of us to edit, adjust or delete this information at any time and we will ensure we edit or delete your information as efficiently as possible.

How do we protect your information?

Once you have given us personal details, we will do our best to ensure it is protected. While we do everything we can to guarantee the safety of your personal information, you also have to remember that details such as your email address are being sent over the Internet, and as such we cannot 100% guarantee the security of these; you send information to us over the Internet at your own risk.

Once we get hold of your information, however, we do everything we can to secure it on our systems through the use of secure servers and security certificates (SSL). You will often have a password to login into your programme and while it is encrypted, you are in charge of keeping your password private. We do not have access to account passwords and if lost you must reset them yourself.

Use of ‘cookies’

As with most websites, Skelligs Chocolate makes use of cookies. These are minuscule parts of information that are stored on your computer’s hard drive by companies that enables them to identify you when you visit the site.

These cookies don’t collect any individual identification data, but rather just statistical insights about the sites you visit and what your online behaviour and patterns are. This actually assists us to improve our user experience and personalise your online interactions. You are able to turn off cookies using your browser settings.

External links to other websites

Our website is likely to contain links to external websites that belong to other companies. This document only serves as a privacy policy for this website, and as such it’s imperative that you read the privacy documents supplied by the other websites that you visit – even if it’s through a link on our website.

Additionally, if you have accessed our website via an external link on another site, then we cannot guarantee that they have the same privacy policy as us; make sure you read their privacy documents to ensure that their practices are in line with your expectations.

16 and Under

The personal information of minors under the age of 16 is particularly vulnerable, and we try our utmost to ensure that it is well protected. If you are 16 years or younger, please gain permission from a parent or guardian to distribute your personal information to us.

Transferring your details outside of the EU

By offering your personal information to us, you are acknowledging that they could be transferred to locations outside of Ireland. This could happen if a server is located in a country outside of Ireland. We cannot guarantee that these locations have the same protection laws as we do when it comes to personal data.

By giving us your information, you are agreeing to these terms. However, if we are aware of your data being transferred out of the country, we will make sure the right protection processes are in place to ensure your personal information remains as secure as possible, in line with what we have stated above. If you engage with our website while outside the country, then our data may be transferred internationally in order to provide you with the correct services.

Policy reviews

We consistently update and review our Privacy Policy, if you have any commentary please email



  • Thank you for choosing Skelligs Chocolate. We work hard at making the best possible chocolate we can and we do our best to make sure it arrives in the same condition as it left us.

    Here in Ireland, hot weather is rarely an issue, but what is it like where you are sending this chocolate? We have no control over the way it is transported and how long it stays in hot trucks or depots.

    Unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility for the condition of the chocolate you send.

    If you are happy to take responsibility please just tick the box and proceed.

    If you would like to discuss this with us please email us at or call us on 00 353 66 9479119 to discuss what we can do for you.


    Tips for Warm Weather Shipping:

    • Please be aware that we use a registered postal delivery service so all packages are tracked and must be signed for on delivery. If there is no one available to sign for the package, please be aware your chocolate will be put back on the truck and stored in the nearest depot for collection.
    • If possible, ship to a business address. Businesses usually receive packages earlier in the morning and someone is always onsite to receive the package. This way your product isn’t exposed to the hot sun all day.
    • After receiving your package, let it rest at room temperature to provide items time to set before opening.