The Black Friday Bundle


Introducing “The Black Friday Bundle” – a mouthwatering medley of our most exquisite chocolate creations.

Specially curated to make this Black Friday truly irresistible. Unwrap the magic with this selection of velvety truffles, indulgent bars, and whimsical chocolate delights, each one a celebration of flavour and decadence.

From the rich, silky notes of dark chocolate to the luscious embrace of creamy white chocolate, this bundle offers an enchanting journey for your taste buds. It’s the ultimate treat for indulgence or gifting, turning every moment into a sweet sensation.

Seize the opportunity to elevate your holiday season and savour the enchantment of “The Black Friday Bundle.” Delight in the deliciousness and make this Black Friday a celebration of taste, pleasure, and pure chocolate bliss.

1 x Dark Chocolate Skelligs Six18 Gin Truffle

1 x Milk Chocolate, Orange and Brandy Truffle

1 x Dark Chocolate, Orange and Almond Clusters

1 x White Chocolate Shards with Lime

3 x 75g White Chocolate Bars

1 x 75g Dark Chocolate Bar

2 x Milk Chocolate Lollipops


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