White Chocolate Snowman


Unwrap the enchantment of the holidays with our White Chocolate Snowman.

A delectable masterpiece that embodies the true spirit of Christmas. Crafted with care, this charming snowman is a work of art, handcrafted from creamy, dreamy white chocolate. Each delightful bite will transport you to a winter wonderland, where the sweet and velvety richness of the chocolate blends perfectly with the magic of the season. Whether shared with loved ones by the twinkling tree or left as a whimsical treat for Santa himself, our White Chocolate Snowman is the embodiment of festive joy, a delightful addition to your cherished holiday traditions. Celebrate Christmas with a touch of sweetness and make your season truly magical with this delightful creation.

Our Acrylic Chocolate Novelties are hand decorated so each one is as unique as the person you are gifting it to. They come in a reusable plastic mould to ensure your gift lasts a lifetime.

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