Our history

This was our factory when we opened in 1996, we had two little production rooms, one for making our delicious chocolate and the other for packaging. ­ This was a big move from the kitchen table to our first ‘proper’ factory. We started with a staff of 4, one chocolate wheel machine and a passion for chocolate making that is still evident today.

From the start we were amazed at how people found us in such a remote location and in May 2010 we extended the factory to deal with increased demand from shops and visitors. But then…


Just as our newly extended factory was working to full capacity to prepare for the busy 2010 Christmas season, devastation hit and the factory was burned to the ground. ­We were very lucky that no one was hurt. We received so much support from family, friends and customers that we knew we could not be beaten by this and in February 2011 we set up a temporary production facility in nearby Cahersiveen. While here, we all really began to value what we had once taken for granted, our spectacular location. ­You won’t find the words ‘industrial’ or ‘estate’ in our address – just look out the window…

It was a long tough year of planning permissions, builders and plenty of hard work but we returned here to the ‘home’ of Skelligs Chocolate within a week of the 1st year’s anniversary of the fire.

2012 saw the opening our of new state of the art production facility.


­Our aim was to make this factory as pleasant to visit as it is to work in. We are constantly trying to improve the visitor experience. We want to make your visit the best it can be for you. ­If you have any ideas or feedback please do not hesitate to email us on info@skelligschocolate.com

So, welcome to Skelligs Chocolate, a rare gem in probably one of the most unusual and beautiful locations for a chocolate factory.

We hope you enjoy your time here, taste some of our award-winning creations and leave with a smile…

The initial premises were approximately 1,200 sq feet. The new one is 6,500 sq feet.

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We get tourists from Ireland, the UK, Mainland Europe, the U.S. & Canada and to a lesser extent South African, Australian etc. We were nominated by Failte Ireland as one of   ’50 secret destinations of the Wild Atlantic Way’. We are in the heart of the kerry dark skies, the only Gold tier location in the northern hemisphere.

Here at Skelligs Chocolate we have  a philosophy of keeping it simple and making sure everyone has the best possible chocolate experience possible both here in the factory and through our retail partners.

We are an actual working chocolate factory with the only ‘open plan’ chocolate production facility in Ireland and we welcome visitors from February through to December. We take a little rest in January.


  • Thank you for choosing Skelligs Chocolate. We work hard at making the best possible chocolate we can and we do our best to make sure it arrives in the same condition as it left us.

    Here in Ireland, hot weather is rarely an issue, but what is it like where you are sending this chocolate? We have no control over the way it is transported and how long it stays in hot trucks or depots.

    Unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility for the condition of the chocolate you send.

    If you are happy to take responsibility please just tick the box and proceed.

    If you would like to discuss this with us please email us at office@skelligschocolate.com or call us on 00 353 66 9479119 to discuss what we can do for you.


    Tips for Warm Weather Shipping:

    • Please be aware that we use a registered postal delivery service so all packages are tracked and must be signed for on delivery. If there is no one available to sign for the package, please be aware your chocolate will be put back on the truck and stored in the nearest depot for collection.
    • If possible, ship to a business address. Businesses usually receive packages earlier in the morning and someone is always onsite to receive the package. This way your product isn’t exposed to the hot sun all day.
    • After receiving your package, let it rest at room temperature to provide items time to set before opening.